CHARIOT of the GODS author to be at GenCon, ALIEN RPG pre-orders closing August 11th!

alien3.png“A survivor… unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.”

AUGUST 1st4th. GENCON is here! I will be at the show to help promote the work I did on Free League’s new ALIEN RPG game. You can find me at on panels and at the Free League booth (#2664). Feel free to message me on Facebook to connect while I’m there—I‘m looking forward to hearing about gamers’ ALIEN RPG: Chariot of the Gods RPG experiences!!


ALIEN-RPG-Set-Fria-Ligan-1024x768Also, I this went out today in the ALIEN RPG Newsletter from Free League and wanted to remind people to pre-order now!

Pre-Order ALIEN RPG Before August 11 to Gain Early Access


This is just a friendly reminder that the end of the exclusive pre-order of the upcoming official ALIEN roleplaying game is approaching fast. The revised deadline is  August 11. If you didn’t already do so, hurry over to at ALIEN-RPG.COM and pre-order before it’s too late. And if you already did–tell your friends!

When you pre-order, you get access to a 168-page Cinematic Starter Kit PDF including the complete cinematic scenario Chariot of the Gods by sci-fi author Andrew E.C. Gaska within days after purchase and can start playing immediately – no need to wait until the official release in December!

PS. If you’re coming to Gen Con this weekend, swing by the Free League booth (#2664) to say hi and discuss all things ALIEN with the design team!

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Gets yours now or wait an eternity.

Hope to see you at GenCon!

—Andrew E. C. Gaska

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