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Politically-minded author, game-writer, creative director, developer, consultant, designer, editor, and graphic novelist with lots of words.

With two decades of experience in the comics and video game industries, author Andrew E.C. Gaska is the Senior Development Editor at Illustrated Syndicate for Lion Forge LLC. Having previously freelanced for Lion Forge’s Labs division as a script, pitch, and proposal writer, he now generates original IP for the brand, developing both comics and animation projects.

Andrew is the founder and creative director of BLAM! Ventures LLC, a guerrilla design studio that produces integrated media for the advertising, video game, comic book, and science fiction industries. He works as a freelance franchise consultant to 20th Century Fox for the past three years, writing series reference bibles, maintaining continuity, streamlining in-universe canon, and creating detailed timelines for the legacy franchises Alien, Predator, and Planet of the Apes. He was a production assistant for Vanguard Productions, restoring valuable comic and genre artworks for archival reproduction. He also served as a visual consultant to Rockstar Games for seventeen years on the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Revolver, and all other releases.

Known as “Drew” to his friends, his online sci-fi and sociopolitical essays on social media and on roguereviewerdraw controversial debate and discussion from all sides. His graphic novel and prose works include Critical Millennium: The Dark Frontier, Space: 1999—Aftershock and Awe, Classic Space:1999—To Everything That Was, HAWKEN: Melee, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Draconian Fire SagaConspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, Planet of the Apes: Tales from the Forbidden Zone: The Unknown Ape, and Death of the Planet of the Ape. His tabletop game work includes the critically acclaimed  ALIEN Role Playing Game. the adventure ALIEN: Chariot of the Gods, and all upcoming ALIEN RPG products. He worked on the Voltron comic series and was creative editor of the RPG magazine Rolled and Told.

Drew was also a sequential storytelling instructor at the School of Visual Arts in New York. For eighteen years he oversaw their graphic design department’s Digital Imaging Center, tutoring students in Adobe software, design, and composition. Originally mentored in the fine art of writing and sequential art by such writing and comics luminaries as Dennis O’Neil (Batman, Green Arrow), Joe Orlando (Mad Magazine, Creepy), John Ostrander(Suicide Squad, Star Wars), Walter Simonson (Thor, New Gods), Carmine Infantino (Flash, Batgirl), Klaus Janson (Dark Knight Returns, Defenders) and Jack C. Harris (Detective Comics, Wonder Woman), Andrew now offers one-on-one creative coaching sessions, sharing their creative knowledge and wisdom as well as his own with a new generation of writers and creators.

Specialties include creating new properties, writing for established characters, I.P. Continuity Consultation, Conceptional Development, serving as Project Runner, Franchise Consultation and Development, Sequential Design, I.P. Development, Creative and Art Direction, Adobe Photoshop and Indesign Creative Cloud, and Google Drive.

Navarre Beach, FL. Photography © 2017 Andrew E.C. Gaska.

Drew and his gluttonous feline, Adrien, enjoy travel, kayaking, snorkeling, cave tubing, beachcombing, and food and landscape photography. They reside beneath a mountain of action figures in St. Louis, Missouri. Much to Drew’s bewilderment, Adrien can often be found perched atop this pinnacle of plastic, proclaiming himself ‘lord of the figs.’

As always, Drew amuses him.


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Pensacola Beach, FL. Photography © 2017 Andrew E.C. Gaska.
Woodlawn Beach, FL. Photography © 2017 Andrew E.C. Gaska.
Navarre Beach, FL. Photography © 2018 Andrew E.C. Gaska.
Tacoma, WA. Photography © 2017 Andrew E.C. Gaska.

What People Say

Played Chariot of the Gods… Died horribly and quickly. The setting was enough, then add the stress die mechanic and it was nervous with every roll. Great game so far.


Thank you for filling in the pieces (in Death of The Planet of the Apes) that I’ve always were confused and wondered about. Especially how they got Taylor’s ship out of the lake and working.


Excellent! Death to the Planet of the Apes is truly a jewel. The news of @andrewecgaska
in Tales from the Forbidden Zone is really exceptional too.


Let’s build something together.

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